Wemyss Malts - Spice King Batch Strength 12 YO- Limited Edition (70cl)

Wemyss Malts - Spice King Batch Strength 12 YO- Limited Edition (70cl)

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A limited edition of our fan favourite Spice King, named for its complex, oily and spicy malt whisky with herbal smoke notes - only 5000 bottles.

Spice King Highland & Islay explores a heated romance between spicy and citrus; lemon drizzle cake and custard creams are balanced with peppery dough and lavender smoke.

Category: Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Region: Highland Island & Unpeated Islay

ABV: 52% alc/vol

Chill Filtration: Non-chill Filtered

Colour: Bright gold

Nose: On the initial nose a candy like sweetness delivers fondant icing, strawberry laces and foam sweets. Rustic oat cakes, custard cream biscuits and oak shavings add complex depth to the aroma. There is a an abundance of citric lemon drizzle cake.

Palate: The sweet yet tart citrus notes found on the nose explode on the palate with lemon curd and stewed crab apples. Richness can be found in the form of malty and peppery, dough-like taste. An elegant scorched herbal note of lavender, rosemary and thyme adds a complex smoke dimension. 

Finish: The spice of white pepper and herbaceous smoke lingers for many pleasant seconds. 

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