Coaltown - Ex Peated

Coaltown - Ex Peated

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Introducing our newest single malt whisky, matured exclusively in ex-peated casks.

These casks impart a range of smoky flavours, which Isabella Wemyss expertly blends to ensure consistency and introduce a sweet, soft smoke.

Coaltown of Wemyss is a mining village situated near Wemyss Castle, the ancestral home of the Wemyss family, who have deep roots in Fife and a long-standing connection to whisky, Drawing inspiration from this rich heritage, we are delighted to introduce Coaltown to our core range of Kingsbarns Single Malts. 

We pride ourselves on maintaining an expert balance between our light spirit style and the quality cask influence, ensuring that the casks compliment rather than overpower the whisky. This expression is a testament to our dedication to creating harmonious and nuanced Lowland whiskies. 

Coaltown captures its heritage in its flavour profile, featuring a delicate sweet smoke note that compliments our classic fruity, slightly floral Lowland spirit. This release is perfect for newcomers to smoky whiskies and offers seasoned drinkers a complex and nuanced Lowland dram to explore. 

Category Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Region Lowland

Cask Type Ex-peated casks

ABV 46% alc./vol

Chill Filtration Non-chill filtered

Colour Natural


Nose Grilled banana, delicate waft of sweet smoke, hints of heather.

Palate Rose water, buttercream, touch of leather and delicate charred citrus zest.

Finish Soft salted caramel, subtle campfire smoke and cinder toffee.

Our Journey

In 2023, we launched Doocot, the next evolution of our Distillery's flagship whisky, showcasing how additional years of maturation have refined and enhanced our classic Lowland spirit style. Since then, Doocot has been honoured with the World Whisky Award gold for Lowland Single Malt, a testament to the expertise and craftsmanship that define every expression we create. 

Building on this success, we are excited to introduce Kingsbarns Coaltown, designed to demonstrate our mastery in achieving a delicate balance of cask and spirit influence in our whiskies. Kingsbarns Coaltown will become the third expression in our core range, offering a truly unique Kingsbarns flavour experience. This new release represents our Lowland take on a smoky whisky, showcasing our innovative spirit and dedication to excellence. 

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